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The Display industry faces many material challenges to keep up with the innovation required to meet the ever growing market demands for image quality, size and cost. Customers can leverage IMI’s high-throughput experimentation platform, and expertise in materials processing and characterization to accelerate and de-risk the materials decisions they need to make to bring their products to market.

Below are a few examples of critical materials challenges:

New metal oxide thin film transistor (TFT) materials for display pixel switching

Metal-oxide TFT materials, with their moderate mobility and relative good stability, represent an emerging technology which is expected to be used not  only for large size display panels but also flexible display products. IMI offers customers access to a wide variety of materials options and the ability to rapidly synthesize and characterize new TFT oxide materials and stacks using high-throughput experimentation.

New transparent conducting oxide (TCO) materials

TCO materials with low resistivity and high transparency are important for display applications, especially for large size TV display, high sensitivity touch screen monitor, and energy efficient (low cost) display device applications. IMI has developed a strong understanding and methodology combined with the capability to deposit a variety of materials to help customers identify TCO materials for their applications.


IMI has  experience in materials discovery for critical display applications using our physical vapor deposition (PVD). Advanced optical and device modeling and simulation as well as  UV-Vis, angular haze-meter, SEM/EDX, XRR, XRF, XRD, XPS, nanoindenter, and scratch constant measurement allow for a deep  and accelerated understanding of the thin film properties.