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STUDY is a custom service for companies requiring in depth exploration of multiple potential material candidates. Our team will work with you to jointly develop a statement of work (SOW) defining the program scope and requirements.

STUDY can be used to characterize both individual materials and multi-layer material stacks. STUDY uses both application and material requirements to determine the necessary techniques.

STUDY uses IMI’s physical vapor deposition (PVD) and atomic layer deposition (ALD) equipment, designed and built for rapid materials exploration. IMI cluster platforms allow material stacks to be deposited and annealed either in-situ (without air exposure) or ex-situ.

STUDY leverages IMI’s suite of physical, optical, and electrical characterization capabilities.  IMI can also provide some basic test vehicles, such as 2-terminal electrical devices or optical film stacks, or customers may provide their own device substrates for characterization.

Typical use case:  A semiconductor device manufacturer is interested in a new range of materials for a specific three-layer device.  Using STUDY, IMI can provide a wide range of combinations of materials for all three layers, quickly test the performance of those devices, and provide critical data for further product development.



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